Anju Hirai - My Global Scope Experience


Anju Hirai is an international student from Japan, currently undertaking a Bachelor of Business Administration at Australian Catholic University. Anju has just completed the Global Scope Work Integrated Learning program, working with StudyNSW on a social media content strategy. Anju tells us about her experience: 

Why did you choose to apply for Global Scope?

I decided to participate in the Global Scope project because I believed that this is such a great opportunity for international students to practically apply the theories and concepts learnt in university in an actual workplace as well as to develop employability skills preparing for my future career through professional experience.

What were the challenges and opportunities that you came across during the project?

The main challenges for me working on the project were time management and working as a team because of conflict in commitments of team members. I also found it challenging in the early weeks of the project to adapt to the highly professional context of the project, which was a very new experience for myself as a student.

But, the opportunities created through Global Scope were enormous! Global Scope provided me opportunities to learn valuable lessons from people in a professional environment while engaging with them in weekly meetings and through written communication, to develop my professional / interpersonal skills and attitudes, to work as part of a project team while actively listening to and sharing my personal thoughts and ideas with the other team members, and more!

Participating in the project was a really great experience for me working with my teammates, the project mentor Suzy, and the stakeholders Laura over the period of 6 weeks.

What kinds of skills you learned and how will you use them in the future?

The project enabled me to develop various employability skills such as communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills. I also feel that presentations / discussions with the team and professionals during weekly meetings significantly contributed to building my confidence in speaking up and sharing my thoughts and ideas with others.

I strongly believe that I could apply the skills gained through the project to various potential roles I may undertake in the future throughout my study as well as professional career.

Why would you recommend the project to other students?

I highly recommend students to participate in the Global Scope project because this would provide a wonderful opportunity to learn in a real work environment while working with great professionals over 6 weeks. It also helps you as a student to prepare yourself for your future career through the development of various employability skills!

About Global Scope:

NSW Global Scope is a project jointly delivered by StudyNSW and Sydney based education services and technology start-up, Intersective. It has offered a Work Integrated Learning experience to international students across the NSW public sector.

The program involves matching teams of students with business projects provided by government departments, facilitated through Intersective’s online ‘project learning’ platform Practera, which provides learning content, project management and collaboration functionality.