Students tell us about their experience participating in the Global Scope Program


Nadia, Zhewei and Nikhil are international students from The University of Newcastle and have just completed the NSW Global Scope work integrated learning program.

Global Scope is a project jointly delivered by StudyNSW and Sydney based education services and technology start-up, Intersective. The program involves matching teams of students with business projects provided by government departments, facilitated through Intersective’s online ‘project learning’ platform Practera,

Nadia, Zhewei (Steve) and Nikhil worked with StudyNSW on a project called "Regional NSW Student Ambassador Program". Below they tell us about their experience:

Why did you choose to apply for Global Scope?

Nadia: I chose Global scope because this is a good platform for an international university student to get some Australian work experience and to contribute to the approach of the NSW Government towards promoting education.

Zhewei (Steve): To gain experience of project management and to develop personal skills such as communication and collaboration skills.

Nikhil: The Global Scope program provided me real life experience in Australian workplace. And it will help in me in better understanding Australian Culture.

Can you tell us about your experience?

Nadia: My experience working with Global Scope project is excellent. Mainly, I learned how to work effectively on a group project in a multicultural environment. At each step during our project meetings, there was a surge of ideas, outcomes, proofreading which enhance my level of clear understanding of what is required next. I highly admire the mentor ship provided by our project mentors.

Zhewei (Steve): It was a fantastic experience. I really enjoyed working with my colleagues and the mentor and the stakeholder for 6 weeks and I think we have demonstrated strong teamwork to complete our common goal.

Nikhil: I learn lot of thing from Global Scope program like time management, corporate communication, management of project allotted to us. Our team focused on productive work. Every time we did meeting we had an agenda for it, that helps us to complete the task within time limit.

What did you find most useful about participating in this project?

Nadia: The topic of the project is interesting. Our group raised a survey which is a reliable approach to gather facts and tabulate further to form some concrete base upon which more productive strategies can be designed.

Zhewei (Steve):  The most useful thing I gained from this project is a great development of my collaboration skills and problem-solving skills.

Nikhil: Working with professionals.  Positive feedback from them on our project which upgrade our knowledge.

How will you use these skills in the future?

Nadia:  The learning I had with Global Scope project will truly help me to work effectively on future projects. The project has added to my communication skills, public speaking and multi-dimensional approach. These skills will definitely help me to lead further in my professional career.

Zhewei (Steve):  These skills will enable me to better coordinate with colleagues in a company and enhance my ability to effectively solve a problem that happens in the workplace.

Nikhil: In future when I will work on a project I will apply all the skills I have learned from Global Scope like preparing a project charter, back plan, follow up from team mates. Report writing skills also help me in academic at university.