ELICOS Finalists

At the 2019 NSW International Student Awards we asked our ELICOS finalists "How has studying in NSW enhanced your English?" Here's what they said...

Dani Carpentier

Daniel Carpentier (Chile)

TAFE NSW, Wollongong

Daniel already had a degree in Advertising and had founded an advertising agency in Santiago, Chile, yet he wanted a more meaningful vocation. After arriving in Australia, where he came to achieve a high level in English, Daniel quickly got involved in community activities.

While working on his Advanced English Language program at TAFE NSW Wollongong campus, he offered his services to three NSW organisations, all of which supported the personal development of others in the community.

Daniel is actively involved as a volunteer mentor in the regional Youth Frontiers Mentoring program, as an event coordinator to welcome and facilitate the integration of international students coming to NSW from Latin America, and as a soccer coach for Coniston Junior Soccer Club.

In 2008, Daniel suffered a traumatic accident that could have left him tetraplegic and he was hospitalised for months. From that moment on, he has prioritised helping, advising, guiding and sharing life experiences with others.

Sergi Toda Galan

Sergi Toda Galan (Spain)

International House, Bondi

Sergi comes from Catalonia in the northeast of Spain and is always willing to share his time helping those in need. He is proud of his heritage and is regularly involved in public displays of Human Tower Building, a traditional Catalonian sport and art form. He is part of the Castellers de Sydney, or Sydney Human Towers, which he helps to organise and promote.

In Barcelona, Sergi worked as a qualified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) so when he came to Australia, he wanted to use his abilities to help others while simultaneously improving his English.

Sergi started volunteering at St John’s Ambulance as soon as he had attained a sufficient level in English, helping out at events and festivals including working in Sydney on New Year’s Eve. Sergi is one of St John’s hardest-working volunteers, racking up their second-highest number of volunteer hours. Sergi is now studying to become a certified EMT in Australia to not only make a living but to continue helping the people of Sydney.

Maram Magdi Abdelazeiz Mohamed

Maram Magdi Abdelaziez Mohamed (Sudan)

University of Newcastle, Newcastle

Maram always wants to know students from other countries and her academic excellence is only surpassed by her strong enthusiasm for community engagement. Maram consistently volunteers at university events such as Speed Conversation sessions, World Sports Day, university barbeques, Orientation Week, and International Women’s Day events.

Maram is also an active member in several clubs including the Arabic Society, Islamic Society, Vinnies Club, and the University of Newcastle Students' Association. Her motivation to excel and lead others was duly recognised when she won The Lynne Wilson Student Achievement Award 2018, a prestigious Language Centre award from the University of Newcastle.

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