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Who we are

The NSW Government established Study NSW in 2014 to increase the number of international students studying in Sydney and NSW or with our education providers overseas, improve the quality of their experience while in the State and recognise their contributions to our communities.

Study NSW is a dedicated unit within the NSW Government responsible for supporting the NSW international education sector. For more information about our work, please read the NSW International Education Recovery Strategy.

Study NSW has four main functions:

  1. Marketing, promotion and research;
  2. Development of policy and advocacy to enhance the competitiveness of international education in NSW;
  3. Delivery and evaluation of strategies and programs to improve the experiences of international students in NSW, and
  4. Identification and generation of international market development opportunities and new technology-enabled models of delivery.

Meet the Study NSW Team

Investment NSW

Study NSW is now part of Investment NSW, a new central agency established by the NSW Premier in March 2021, with a mandate to reinforce NSW as the most desirable place in the world to visit, study, invest and do business.

To do this, for the first time ever, Investment NSW brings all of the NSW Government’s economic development and attraction activities into the one place, including Study NSW.

This will allow us to leverage our state’s successful COVID-19 response to drive local and international investment and create jobs for NSW.

Working across key industries and sectors, our aim is to reinforce NSW’s global position as a safe and attractive place to live, study, work and do business, and market Sydney and NSW on the world stage as a destination for business investment, global talent, tourism, major events and international study.

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About this website

This website is an initiative of the NSW Government to help you access factual information about studying in Sydney and NSW.

Our goal is to help international students enhance their study experience through:

  • Building confidence in NSW as a safe and friendly location to live and study;
  • Improving awareness of the education opportunities, industry placement and employment pathways in NSW, and
  • Increasing awareness of social and community activities.

This website is designed to complement but not duplicate information provided on the studyinaustralia.gov.au website and NSW education institution websites.