Temporary Crisis Accommodation Scheme

Providing international students with a safe home and support during the pandemic

Applications have now closed for up to 20 weeks free accommodation with approved student accommodation and homestay providers.


Since June 2020, the NSW Government through Study NSW and Service NSW supported more than 6,300 international students through our $20 million Temporary Crisis Accommodation Scheme.

This measure provided a safe home, comfort and support to international students facing hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic. ​

Applications for the scheme closed at 5:00pm, Friday 12 February 2021.

International students who applied before the application closing date were eligible for up to 20 weeks accommodation with our student accommodation and homestay providers.

Accommodation was available for up to 12 weeks initially, with the potential to extend to 20 weeks.

Service NSW administered applications and allocated accommodation to homestay or purpose-built student accommodation providers.

Key dates

11 June 2020 - Applications open

12 February 2021 - Applications closed

1 July 2021 - Scheme closes



$20 million NSW Government scheme supported international students in NSW during COVID-19 pandemic


More than 6,300 international students supported with up to 20 weeks free accommodation


Supported 15 student accommodation and homestay partners during challenging times

Thank you to our student accommodation and homestay partners

Accommodation partners

Messages from international students during their stay

  • "This support is so helpful. Now I can concentrate more on my studies and free myself from worry. Thank you so much." - International student from The Philippines ​
  • "Thank you so much for your support. The process was really fast and easy to follow." - International student from India ​
  • "This scheme has been so great. It is helping and supporting international students when they are facing many difficulties. Thank you for this opportunity." - International student from India ​
  • "This is a really great initiative by the NSW Government. It shows that the government cares for international students. I am really thankful." - - International student from India ​
  • "This support is a very good initiative from the NSW Government to support international students and is highly appreciated." - International student from Pakistan​
  • "I am grateful for this support from the NSW Government. This help has allowed me to focus on my studies and have safe shelter during these uncertain times." - International student from Nepal ​
  • "Thank you so much for your support. It has really helped me to stay in Australia as an international student." - International student from South Korea ​
  • I appreciate this help that the NSW Government is giving to international students. The accommodation scheme allowed me to stay in Sydney. - International student from Brazil

Support services available for international students


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