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Export Connect is an export advisory and consultancy service helping the food and beverage industry with market selections, connections and growth strategies.

Transforming theory into practice

Export Connect offers internships for international students who are at the tertiary education level. As part of its internship program, Export Connect has relationships with Western Sydney University, University of Technology Sydney, Macquarie University, UNSW Sydney and the SP Jain School of Global Management.

‘In some instances the interns have performed so well that we ask them to stay on and undertake paid employment. We were so impressed with international student Rajeshwari Tikhile that she is working with us in a paid capacity,’ said Director Najib Lawand.

Export Connect’s interns have been involved in export analysis and assessment, export workshops, social media projects and business planning.


Export advisory and consultancy service for food and beverage industry


Delivers export workshops, forums, B2B matching and inbound missions


Offers internships for students in Sydney office


Demonstrated success in public and private sectors


Extensive networks across suppliers, government agencies and industry associations


Expertise in Asian, Middle Eastern and North American export markets

From an employer perspective

When considering placements, Export Connect seeks to understand prospective interns’ goals and interests. ‘We are looking for international students with a clear purpose,’ says Director Najib Lawand. He asks not only about students’ experience, but also their leadership of social clubs, their volunteer work, who they follow, what they read, and their cultural and sporting interests.

Mr Lawand recommends that interns immerse themselves in the professional environment, network, and take advantage of Export Connect’s location within Fishburners’ startup community. Ideally, students should become familiar with the Australian economy and its strengths.

‘Recruiting international students is a huge help to not only the productivity of your organisation but the values, morale and the culture that support company growth,’ says Ms Cox. ‘We’re really grateful for the personal qualities that they bring, as well as the intellect and the clear drive to learn.’


Our business is just thriving because of the talent that comes to us and we’re so lucky that the international students have chosen to come to Sydney - Stefania Cox, Export Connect

From a student perspective

‘Studying abroad is much more than any student can imagine. You grow so much as an individual,’ says international student Rajeshwari Tikhile.

Rajeshwari is studying for a Bachelor of Business Administration at the SP Jain School of Global Management in Sydney, and is also working at Export Connect.

Rajeshwari wanted to work somewhere she could get hands-on experience. She started out as a project intern at Export Connect and is now their accounts manager. ‘The people I work with have been excellent colleagues and mentors to me. It’s always been a very conducive place for me to learn, grow and ask questions.’

Rajeshwari appreciates the opportunities and lifestyle available to her in Sydney and New South Wales. ‘In and around New South Wales there are so many things to do. You have so much diversity. You have world-class multinationals. You have the best national parks, the beaches. It’s still a treat to be here every single day.’

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