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Study NSW is a dedicated unit within the NSW Government committed to enhancing the international student experience and supporting sustainable growth of the sector.

Enhancing the international student experience

Established in 2014 by the NSW Government, Study NSW partners with education providers, government departments, industry bodies and community organisations to deliver programs and services that improve the international student experience.

Study NSW’s latest project, #NSWGlobalConnections, highlights some of the dynamic NSW businesses giving international students valuable experience and employment opportunities. In turn, these organisations have gained important cultural insights and a global perspective to the workplace.

Part of the NSW Department of Industry, our dedicated team of eight is based in the heart of the Sydney CBD.


Established in 2014

NSW Government

Located with the NSW Department of Industry


Team of eight based in Sydney


Hosts annual NSW International Student Awards


Coordinates the International Student Welcome Desk at Sydney Airport


Funds $350,000 in Study NSW Partner Projects grants each year

Student engagement

Study NSW supports a number of initiatives to improve graduate outcomes for international students. Through the Partner Project grant scheme Study NSW  co-fund a range of industry projects including Global Scope, Successful Graduate and Volunteer Connect.

Some of the projects and services Study NSW supports include professional development and work-integrated learning programs, networking events and free legal advice. Study NSW also coordinates  the International Student Welcome Desk at Sydney Airport and hosts the annual NSW International Student Awards. This prestigious event celebrates the outstanding contribution international students make to our local communities.

Each year, hundreds of international students gain valuable on-the-job training and experience at our International Student Welcome Desk at Sydney Airport. One of Study NSW’s flagship programs, students undergo customer service training and complete at least 20 volunteer hours on the desk.

For international student Mosammat Sabera Begum, who is undertaking a Master of Education Advanced (TESOL) at the University of Wollongong, volunteering at the welcome desk was, ‘rewarding in ways I never expected. It's a wonderful feeling to help others and a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world.’

Students with 20 volunteer hours can then become team leaders and gain more experience and training. Team leaders who demonstrate exceptional qualities have the opportunity to apply for a paid role with Study NSW.


I’m really confident that the experiences and skills I have gained are going to help me find more opportunities - Yogesh Bhatia, International student graduate

From an employer perspective

Peter Mackey, Director Study NSW, knows firsthand the benefits international students bring. Recently, graduate Yogesh Bhatia showed his dedication, teamwork and communication skills on Study NSW’s International Student Welcome Desk project. ‘He’s incredibly enthusiastic,’ says Peter. ‘He’s got access to lots of friends who are international students, so we’re able to road test ideas with him and he’s able to give us real-time feedback.’

Peter urges all international students to engage with their education provider and local communities in their first year of study to start building their networks and employability skills. There are leadership and work-integrated learning programs and volunteering opportunities that compliment  studies and improve graduate outcomes. When it comes time to apply for paid employment, you can draw on these experiences to demonstrate skills to potential employers.

For students applying to work on Study NSW’s International Student Welcome Desk, Peter’s advice is to prepare thorough answers for the expression of interest form, update your résumé and source two referees before submitting an application.

From a student perspective

Yogesh Bhatia came to NSW from India in 2016. While doing a Master of International Business at UNSW Sydney, Yogesh volunteered at Study NSW’s International Student Welcome Desk.

The experience gave Yogesh the opportunity to work with a range of people from different backgrounds. It also gave him, ‘project management skills, which are very important for working in a global scenario’.

After completing 20 volunteer hours, Yogesh became a team leader. This new role allowed him to continue to develop his communication and leadership skills while finishing his studies. Yogesh was then successful in securing a paid role with Study NSW as an Administration Assistant for the International Student Welcome Desk..

‘It has changed me completely—I’m more independent now, I’m making decisions on my own, I’m very confident about it,’ he says. ‘I’m really confident that whatever experiences and skills I have gained is going to help me find more opportunities.’

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