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Urbanest is a leading provider of student accommodation in Australia. With 15 properties located in key capital cities, Urbanest offers international students a supportive and inclusive ‘home away from home’, to help them enjoy their time in Australia.

More than student accommodation

Each year, Urbanest employs international students in a range of casual and part-time roles across all its locations. ‘We offer above-award conditions, career development and career promotion,’ says Urbanest human resources manager, Kate Ruhan.

Roles include residential assistant, customer service assistant and uLife (Urbanest’s social calendar for residents) coordinator, as well as positions within the company’s corporate team. The Australia-wide employee exchange program offers the opportunity to live and work in other locations.

‘We have quite a high number of employees on student visas,’ says Kate. ‘Employing students from different countries really helps us understand—and hit—our target market, especially for programs like uLife. We’ve gained great insight into what students actually want to do, and uptake of the program has really increased.’

Students must be Urbanest residents to apply, and must submit their résumé as part of the application process.


Established in 2010

Opera House

Seven locations in Sydney


Home to more than 6,500 international students around Australia


Purpose-designed student accommodation


Preferred accommodation for 20 education providers around Australia


Offers Australia-wide employee exchange program

An employer perspective

When considering job applications, Kate looks at a student’s experience, skills and attitude. Her advice: ‘Get involved. Learn a bit more about our company. Draft your résumé and highlight your experience and transferable skills, such as customer service, communication, teamwork and your ability to use technology.’

International student Emily Sun began her journey with Urbanest as a residential assistant. She then joined the customer service team before gaining a part-time position as an account assistant in the finance team in the corporate office.

Employing international students means Urbanest’s workforce has become, ‘more multicultural,’ says Kate. ‘A lot of our residents are here doing their Masters degrees, so we’re gaining smart, switched on members who understand how we operate.’

Emily has even represented the company back in China. ‘She’s basically going home and speaking about the benefits she’s had by living and working at Urbanest,’ says Kate. ‘It’s great for us to have someone that really resonates with the target market.’


Take the challenge and go for it - Emily Sun, International student graduate

A student perspective

Chinese-born international student Emily Sun’s experience with Urbanest has sharpened her language and professional skills. ‘Communication skills are one thing I really improved during my role here and also teamwork—helping each other like a big family,’ says Emily. ‘When your English skills improve you have more chance to present yourself.’

Working under the 485 post-graduate visa, Emily’s experience living and working in one of Urbanest’s Sydney properties has meant she’s brought operational insight to the role, as well as the theoretical knowledge gained during her Master’s Degree in Commerce from the University of Sydney.

She encourages anyone considering studying internationally to, ‘take the challenge and go for it’.

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